Welcome to the wonderful Streets of the Glam Kingdom. You are welcomed here!

Baby Lu Glam is a Beauty and Cosmetics brand that promotes self love and confidence. We encourage, build and strengthen sisterhood amoung women and young girls. You are Beautifully and wonderfully made. God said it! We believe it and so should you!

Continuing A Legacy

Luetta " Baby Lue" Jefferson

This is my sweet Grandmother Luetta Jackson Jefferson. She was a hairdresser for over 50+ years until she wasn't able to do it anymore.  

Just a few years ago after my grandmothers passing, I found out that not only was she a hairdresser, her father was a barber "Luther Jackson", and also her brother "Howard Jackson" was a barber as well. It really touched me in a way that cannot be explained. 

God showed me the legacy that has been passed down to me. The questions were, what am I going to to with it?

My grandmother never had a beauty shop of her own. She always worked in someone's shop. It was during her humble beginnings at that shop, that she inquired the nickname Baby Lue.  Later in her life when her memory was not like it used to be, when she couldn't remember who I was even; That if I said, "Hey Baby Lue", She knew exactly who I was.

So, I had my answer to the question. I wanted her to have something with her name on it. 

"Baby Lu Glam" was created. 

It is my pray and goal to take this legacy that was passed down to me and my baby sister, (who is a stylist too), and make it flourish into greater and bigger things. So, we may pass it on to the next in line to receive it! 

The Dreams and Legacy of our Lineage continues thru us and

" Baby Lu Glam"